Thesis Writing, Public Engagement, Career events and other workshops coming up in October

The LDC Development team has announced the timetable for Autumn 2017, with booking open up to the end of October. See our web timetable for full details.

The specific events that we wish to highlight include:

Thesis writing workshops: These workshops are aimed at second and third year researchers who have begun their writing. They are a repeat of the Thesis Writing workshops offered previously, for those prepared to come and do some writing!

17 Oct 10:00 – 12:00 BiteSize Thesis: format and structure
19 Oct 14:00 – 16:00 BiteSize Thesis: edit for clarity
24 Oct 10:00 – 12:00 BiteSize Thesis: read, write, repeat
26 Oct 14:00 – 16:00 BiteSize Thesis: overcome writer’s block

You may also be interested in two sessions offered in Researcher week,

Your Thesis: why you should start your writing now! 9 Oct     14.00-15.00
Thesis writing afternoon 10 Oct   13.00-17.00

See the Researcher week timetable for more details.

Workshops for Public Engagement: A webinar and workshops to learn more about public engagement and to help you apply for funding and plan your own public engagement project.

17 Oct 12:30 – 13:30 Webinar: Introduction to Public Engagement
25 Oct 13:00 – 16:30 Public Engagement Incubator
02 Nov 13:00 – 16:30 Designing a Public Engagement Project using Design Thinking

Workshops to start your Career preparation: Our programme includes a range of half-day workshops and webinars for those preparing for their ongoing career, whatever stage of your PhD you are in.

26 Oct 09:15 – 12:30 Developing Networking Skills (tbc)
31 Oct 09:15 – 12:30 Career Management
02 Nov 09:15 – 12:30 Developing your Interview Skills
02 Nov 13:30 – 14:30 Webinar: Networking Skills

Additional workshops in this series are listed on the LDC Development timetable.

Career related events are also included in the Researcher week timetable.

Further workshops:

Further workshops in the programme include:

Delivering Academic Presentations is a small group workshop for those who are already preparing a research presentation. There is a small amount of preparation required to make the most of this half day workshop

18 Oct 13:00 – 16:00 Delivering Academic Presentations

Exploring Intercultural Communication: This is a joint webinar with XJTLU (and hence the early start) for those who feel who are facing language or cultural barriers in their research. We will addresses both the advantages of  adapting to a new cultures and solutions to help overcome problems.

24 Oct 09:30 – 10:30 Webinar: Intercultural Communication in the PhD
– support with language and culture barriers

Workshop for part-time researchers – this workshop, offered in Researcher week, is open to all part-time researchers to share their experiences  and solutions to any problems they have faced.

Solving the Challenges of Part-Time Research 13 Oct    14.00-15.00

LDC Development Team.

New PhD ‘Survival’ and ‘What Next?’ Video

The LDC Development team has recently purchased two new videos, each about 30 minutes long which will be of interest to all postgraduate researchers in the University and covers two relevant topics related to PhD survival and preparing for your future career.

‘The PhD Survival Video discusses how the stress and pressure of a PhD can be made manageable and features drama scenes and interviews with doctoral candidates, supervisors and counsellors, to illustrate the potential problems and solutions.

The new video offers practical advice for dealing with common problems and surviving, including self-help strategies for doctoral students, what they should and should not expect from supervisors when they are struggling, the support they should find in their institutions to help them get through their degree.

>> View ‘The PhD Survival Video’

This video supplements further resources in our online section, with information relevant to the University of Liverpool:

Managing the Supervisory Relationship

We still have places on the following workshops that may also be of interest:

4th July   Dealing with Change and Uncertainty  09.15 – 16.30 Delivered by David Wilkinson

5th July The Fear  Course 09.15 – 16.30 Delivered by David Wilkinson

The ‘What Next?’ Video offers practical advice to help postgraduate researchers improve their employability. The video features  drama scenes, expert interviews and documentary case studies to illustrate the options for a successful PhD candidate, which  include a young academic, someone employed outside academia, and someone who has started his own business.

Specific topics  include: expanding your skill set and developing your CV; identifying your transferable skills; thinking outside the academic box and finding good careers advice

>> View the The ‘What Next?’ Video’

This video supplements our wider Careers resources, Career Management Skills

We have the following 4 session group coaching sessions that may also be of interest to those planning their future:

11, 13, 18 & 20 July – The next Step: Using your personality to work out the way forward 

13:15 – 14.45 (1.5 hrs each session) Delivered by Dr Daniel Holden, D2U Coaching the Department of Chemistry,


The above videos supplement the videos previously purchased,  The Good Viva video and  The Good Presentation video

LDC Development Team

Postgraduate Researcher Week 26-30 June 2017

Postgraduate Researcher Week will be taking place 26-30 June 2017. This is a University wide event and other activities may be offered in your School/Institute.

A variety of sessions will be running throughout the week including advice and guidance from the Liverpool Doctoral College Development team, training sessions as well as networking events and social activities.

logo for Researcher weekPostgraduate Researcher Week is the ideal opportunity for you to meet up with other research students from across campus and share your experiences, whilst learning more about the training and development opportunities available to you as a postgraduate researcher at the University of Liverpool.

To view the schedule of activity please visit:

Postgraduate Researcher Week – 20-24 March

Following the success of the October Postgraduate Researcher week, in which there were over 1000 attendees, the Liverpool Doctoral College will be hosting its fifth Postgraduate Researcher Week during 20-24 March.

Advice, Networking,  Development and  Careers

Development session, Oct 2016

Development session, Oct 2016

Postgraduate Researcher Week offers an ideal opportunity to meet up with other research students from across campus and share your experiences, whilst learning more about the training and development opportunities available to you as a PGR student at the University of Liverpool.

A variety of sessions will be running throughout the week including advice and guidance from the LDC Development team and Liverpool Guild of Students, training sessions as well as networking events and social activities.

There is also a talk from alumnus Dr Timothy McCarthy (BSc (Hons) Chemistry 1996, PhD Chemistry 1989) the Senior Director and Head of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Molecular Medicine, Global R&D at Pfizer, on his career and advice to PGR students.

Click here to view the schedule of activity and book onto the events

Development Opportunities for part-time and off-site researchers 2017

There are several parts of the development programme that are particularly suitable for part-time or offsite post-graduate researchers. This includes the upcoming workshop:

Managing Your PhD Part-Time 01 MAR 09.15 – 16.30

This one-day workshop designed specifically for newer part-time postgraduate researchers and includes  sessions covering time management, motivation and managing the supervisory relationship. (To register, follow the link)


For those unable to attend sessions on campus, there is online provision through webinars and online courses. Our upcoming webinar series includes:

13 FEB 12:30-13:30 Webinar – Research Writing: communicating your research effectively
20 FEB 12.30 – 13.30 Webinar: Enhancing your Research Presentations 1; defining your message
22 FEB 12.30 – 13.30 Webinar: Effectively Using PGR Toolbox
27 FEB 12.30 – 13.30 Webinar: Project Management for PhD Researchers – an Introduction
06 MAR 12.30 – 13.30 Webinar: Enhancing your Research Presentations 2

Online Courses

This is the last call for the online courses, Communicating Research in Humanities and Social Sciences Online and Communicating Research in Sciences Online, which were developied originally to offer networking,advice and discussion areas for post-graduate researchers based off campus. for further details and booking see:

Please note, booking will remain open until February 6th, but please email me directly at if you book late to gain access to the courses in Vocal.

Further resources

We offer a range of online resources that are available to all PGR Researchers at the University of Liverpool. These can be accessed from Liverpool Life or from our website at

Introduction to Professional Development for Researchers & Making the Most of Your Career

We have a few places remaining on the following two workshops that may be of interest to newer researchers or those preparing for their ongoing career, (further details of each workshop follow below):

An Introduction to Professional Development for  Researchers
20th July  09:15 – 16.30, University Campus, presented by  PGR Development

>> Registration form

Making the Most of Your Career
19th July 2016  09.15 – 16.30, University Campus, presented by Sally Beyer and Sharon Nicholson

>> Registration form

An Introduction to Professional Development for Researchers

Learn how to manage your own PhD, from the planning process and essential activities to how to make the most of your supervisor and to setting your objectives to meet your professional aims. This one-day workshop is open to researchers from all faculties of the University and is an opportunity for inter-faculty networking.

In this workshop you will;

  • Create a plan for the PhD- gain a greater understanding of the processes and milestones in the PhD
  • Identify the opportunities for your own professional development as a successful researcher
  • Gain a greater understanding of the relationships that can help your research progress and how you can improve and develop the supervisory relationship
  • Learn more of their research and gain from their experiences through networking opportunities with other PhD students,

This workshop is highly experiential and offers many opportunities to share your own experiences.

‘THANKS! Great workshop! Well-organised, great time organisation and very useful!’‘The highlights were building a picture with the group where we see the PhD taking shape – realising that year 2 is quite complex!
-Participants, Autumn 2015.

Making the Most of Your Career

Do you need space and time out to reflect on your career and create a strategic career plan for the next 1-3 years?
Do you need to enhance your ability to influence others positively in networking situations?

This one-day face-to-face career workshop offers a provoking and interactive session to help you develop your career management and networking skills. Note, this session is for PGRs who have not attended previous sessions on ‘Career management’ and ‘Developing networking skills’.

In this session, we will help you to explore how employable you are, identify the work values that drive you and set personal and professional goals for the next 3 years. Along with creating a plan of action for you to maximise your potential both in and outside of work; it will give you some breathing space in a non-judgmental environment, providing tools to be honest with yourself about what you really want.

The session will also provide practical techniques to structure your networking approach, enhance your rapport building skills using Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques and help you to identify and hone your ‘Elevator Pitch’ to promote yourself and your research.

Further webinars … and a new course in Facilitation

Following our recent announcement of upcoming events, we are now able to arrange booking for two further series of events, as outlined below.

New Dates in our webinars Series

We can now offer three further dates for the webinar series begun in January, with a repeat of the two sessions offered previously and a new webinar in Project management.

Please follow the links below for further details and to book a place:

  1. Webinar: Managing the research writing process   9th May 12:30 -13:30
  2. Webinar: Enhancing your Research Presentations   16th May 12:30 -13:30
  3. Webinar: Project Management for PhD Researchers – an Introduction 23rd May 12:30 -13:30

Please see our website for further information on this webinar series.

New course in Facilitation

This May we are piloting a new course to help participants develop their facilitation skills, for use in their teaching, their current research roles or longer term aspirations. During the sessions participants are encouraged to plan their own action plans for further development. Participation may also lead to paid roles within PGR professional development.

Please follow the links below for further details and to book a place*:

  1. Webinar: Introduction to Facilitation in the Research Environment   11th May 12:30 -13:30
  2. Facilitation methods and application   19th May  9:15 – 12:30
  3. Applying Facilitation as Professional Development    26th May 9:15 – 12:30

*Participants will need to register for each session separately, but please note that the webinar provides essential preparation for the following two half-day workshops.

We hope to be able to repeat this offering in Autumn 2016.

New webinars and workshops for 2016

In 2016 PGR Development are expanding the development programme with new workshops in presenting for public engagement, creativity and a specific workshop for part-time students, together with two new webinars that offer guidance and suggestions for your research writing and presentations.

There workshops are  open to all PGRs in the University of Liverpool. Please follow the links on the dates for further details and to book a place.

— Please note: both these webinar have been oversubscribed. We expect to offer new dates once we assess feedback from these first presentations. —

PGR: Webinar – Managing the Research Writing Process 27th January 12:30 – 13:30

This session covers the process of research writing, from the start in making notes through to the final editing stages, and is for PGRs preparing  informal reports, journal articles or working towards your thesis.

PGR: Webinar – Enhancing your Research Presentations  3rd March 12:30 – 13:30

This session considers the qualities of an effective presentation and offers advice on all stages of the process from the initial preparation stages through to delivery and the question and answer session.

PGR One-Day Workshop: Presenting for Public Engagement 

8th March 2016, 09:00-16:30 –   14th April 2016, 09:00-16:30

This one-day workshop aims to prepare you for presenting your research to the wider public. During workshop you will focus on your performance, try multiple styles of presenting and refine and deliver a three-minute talk about your research, which is aimed at a non-specialist yet educated audience.

PGR Half-Day Workshop: Managing your PhD Part-Time

10th May 2016, 13:30-16:30

This half-day workshop is designed specifically for part-time postgraduate researchers and will explore a range of topics relevant to the part-time PhD, from time-management, motivation to managing the supervisory relationship.

PGR Half-Day Workshop: Design Thinking: exploring creativity techniques for your research

17th May 2016, 13:00-17:00

This fun half-day introduction to Design Thinking explores how a creative and playful mindset can improve the research process and help to make us more innovative researchers. This workshop aims  tointroduceuseful tools and methodologies that you can immediately apply to your current research, as well as helping you think about how you plan future projects and collaborations.

Important Note: If you book a workshop, please record this in your diary/calendar and  cancel the booking if you can no longer attend. This will allow other PGRs to attend in your place. You can cancel your own bookings at Many workshops are delivered by external providers at a cost to PGR Development and other workshops involve considerable effort from presenters and catering costs that cannot be recovered.

 Further PGR Development workshops

Dates for further workshops organised by PGR Development can be seen on the CLL booking system** at:

Upcoming workshops and events offered by PGR Development

** excepting the Careers Online portfolio and Science and Engineering First Year workshops,

You may also be interested in

Upcoming GTA Teaching workshops for PGRs

Interdisciplinary Collaborations –– creating the conference environment

12th Jan, 9th Feb 2016 for PGRs in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Further dates are being arranged later in the year.

Are you looking to develop essential research skills as part of your professional development plan?
Do you want more opportunities for inter-disciplinary networking?
Do you want to learn more about how to plan your own conference  or learn how to make the most of conferences?

During this workshop you will work in self-selected interdisciplinary groups to:

  • Devise a proposal for an innovative interdisciplinary postgraduate conference
  • Work collaboratively to produce an idea and work plan for organising an interdisciplinary conference
  • Present a case for that proposal as an abstract and as a presentation
  • Assess other proposals as part of a peer review process
  • Respond positively to a peer review

Through this exercise, you will  learn more about the conference process and how to make this experience more effective.  The activities will also you assess your further needs for professional development and enable you to develop your skills in all domains of the Researcher Development Framework including:

  • working as part of an interdisciplinary collaboration with other researchers from different backgrounds
  • creativity thinking to develop new ideas
  • presenting new and convincing ideas in a succinct manner
  • project planning and time management
  • performing a critical peer review and responding to feedback
  • self-reflecting on your progress

Further details and booking

Introduction to Professional Development for Researchers

Do you want to learn more of the different process involved in completing a PhD?

Are you looking for opportunities to network with other researchers and learn more about their research?

Do you want advice to help plan your professional development to achieve personal goals?

This one-day workshop offers an induction into the research environment and professional development for postgraduate researchers and also offers valuable opportunities for networking with other PhD researchers across your School or faculty.

‘Gave us a really good summary of the most important aspects of our PhDs’
…   ‘promoted active thinking!’
‘This workshop was really informative – gained a lot especially organisation of my work’
‘Worked really well in getting us all to meet each other’
-Participants, Sept 2015.

During the workshop you will engage in a number of short, but active experiential leaning sessions that introduce the key skills essential to a successful PhD experience, including:

  • Project management and how to complete a PhD on time
  • Building professional research networks
  • Ways to build a successful relationship with your supervisor
  • Planning your professional development as a Researcher

All participants will be asked to present a one-minute summary of their research to the whole group. You will also learn more about the research undertaken across the University in this ‘min-conference’. Instructions for preparing this summary will be sent in a pre-workshop email.

>> Dates and Booking

This workshop offers opportunities to gain skills across the RDF, including the RDF subdomains A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, D1 & D2

Related Workshops:  As a new Researcher you may also be interested in:

Webinars for Effectively Using the PGR Toolbox – advice and guidance to help you start using these online tools.

Professional Development Workshops and further information for new PGRs – other workshops for new PhD researchers.

See also, Further information for PGRs new to Liverpool