2012 dates for GRADschool – now open for booking

We have just received notice of the following announcement about National GRADschools, which is one of the options by which you can fulfil the Career Skills Requirement for your PhD.  Places on these schools are free for Research Council funded students. If you are not research council funded you can still attend but you’ll have to find the fee (£580) from somewhere else.

You will need to book your place directly through Vitae. For details on travel expenses and claiming credit, see our notes on the Graduate School web-site.

2012 dates for GRADschool – now open for booking

30 October – 2 November 2012, Windermere

20-23 November 2012, Windermere

GRADschool vision:

To create an inspirational, challenging and experiential learning environment in which all participants will learn something new about themselves and take away skills, tools or information which will motivate them to complete their studies, further realise their potential, and enable them to make more informed choices about their future careers

Why attend:

GRADschools are experiential learning courses designed to develop your transferable skills as a postgraduate researcher. Many researchers who attend the course have a transformational experience, empowered to take charge of their own learning and career.

GRADschools will help you to:

  • develop your personal effectiveness
  • identify ways to communicate effectively
  • make more informed choices about your future
  • own and manage the next step of your career

Feedback from previous participants:

A GRADschool offers the opportunity to:

  • ‘I feel this is a pivotal point in my life – I now have the self-confidence and skills to hopefully shape my life.’
  • ‘The sense of genuine achievement was very tangible. I can honestly say that the course has changed my attitude to work, research and work colleagues quite fundamentally.’
  • ‘I never thought that I could learn so many things about myself: the way I work and how to improve, in such a short time. Even though I was quite cynical about the whole thing to start with, I realise that it has helped me a great deal’
  • ‘It probably made the difference between finishing and not finishing, and certainly made my third year bearable.’

For more reasons to get involved see the extensive feedback and testimonials from other researchers and the article in The Independent Out of the ivory towers – how PhD students are training for the real world

For more information on what is involved in taking part on this course and what is in it for you please see our section on GRADschools

Entry requirements:

  • National GRADschools are open to all postgraduate researchers in their 2nd year or above.  If you are research council funded you will be eligible for a funded place on a GRADschool subject to availability.
  • If you are a non-research council funded researcher you may apply for a national GRADschool but you or your institution will need to cover the cost of your place and you will need to provide invoice details.
  • Once you have received a place on a GRADschool your accommodation, meals and course materials are covered –  however you will have to pay your own travelling expenses.

Book your place:

For more details and to book your place on a 2012 national GRADschool, visit www.vitae.ac.uk/researchers/15672/GRADschools.html