University Challenge 2013

Calling all Postgraduate Researchers – your University needs you! In 2012/13, the university wants to win University Challenge! To do this, we need the finest brains at the University of Liverpool to come together and challenge the best of the rest.

The Guild will be holding ‘trial’ quizzes on Friday 2nd November and Monday 5th November for this year’s team. You only need to come to a section of one of the trials.

There are around 100 questions to answer and those with the best results will be selected to be in the team for this year. The trial on Friday will be between 12 and 4pm in Mountford Hall at the Guild of Students. The following Monday venue is yet to be confirmed but will take place between 5pm and 8pm to allow those who can’t make the Friday session.

To register your interest and sign yourself up for a trial please fill in this form: University Challenge 2012  and send back to by Wednesday 31st October at 5pm. This is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and challenge yourself, and maybe get on TV too – so don’t miss it! The team needs a diverse range of skills, general knowledge and specialism so we are encouraging students from across campus at whatever level to put themselves forward.’ This is just the sort of thing to enhance your CV so it’s a great activity to put in your Portfolio of Activity – whether you meet Jeremy Paxman or not!







PGR Toolbox – Informal drop-in sessions

12:30 – 1:30, PC room, second floor, University Lecture Block

31 Oct,  …    14 Nov,  …    28 Nov

This is a series of informal training sessions to help postgraduate researchers use the PGR Toolbox. We will advise on the annual progression requirements, how to add supervisory meetings into the PGR toolbox and how to use the new PGR Portfolio of Activity.

We also hope to answer any problems you may have encountered with the software and how to use the tools for your own professional development.

This session will take place centrally within the University of Liverpool main campus, in the PC room on the second floor of the University Lecture Block, ( building number 221 on the campus map).

Upon arrival in the foyer, please turn right and take the stairs or the lift to the second floor.


There is no formal booking system for these events, but it would be helpful if you can let us know beforehand if you expect to attend, by email to

Careers Development – Changes to the Programme

There have been some changes in the Careers Development section of the PGR Development Programme.

There’s more information on how to do this on the website here:  You will need to write up a short report of your experiences, but then you can use one of your regular monthly meetings with your supervisor to discuss your career preparations, get feedback on your CV and your career plan and sign off your Careers Development Portfolio. If you then follow the instructions here: we’ll make sure your record is updated.

In tune with this development we have taken the Careers Resources within the Portfolio and made them open to all PGRs straight from the web site:

This means that these resources are open to all research postgraduates no matter how you complete the careers requirement in the PGR Development Programme. We will add to these resources over time and also construct a resource specially for supervisors so that they have access to dedicated Doctoral careers information.

Humanities & Social Sciences Training for new PGRs

The University Library provides in-depth information management training modules for all new Postgraduate Research Students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. This training covers up-to-date methods of information management and important information on matters such as copyright and open access.

These two modules are as follows (the links take you to full information on each module):

LIBR001 – Effective information management for arts and humanities research

LIBR002 – Effective information management for social science research

These modules are compulsory for PGR students in the Faculty, with the requirement that each research student should attend either LIBR001 or LIBR002 – you do not need to attend both. The modules are worth 5 credits. Each module is scheduled to run on four separate occasions throughout the year, to give you the best opportunity for attending. The dates are given in the documents linked to above, including guidance on possible exemption requests from specific components of the course.

To book your place on one of the modules, please follow the appropriate link below:

For LIBR001

8th November

16th January

12th March

14th May

For LIBR002

27th November

17th January

19th March

21st May

If you have any further questions about this training, please do contact Martin Wolf or Lisa Hawksworth as appropriate.





Enterprise Workshops for Researchers

Calling all enterprising researchers! Simon Brown from the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE), is pitching to all research active students and staff a ‘light’, but very useful set of five FREE! workshops. Ideal for those of you entering a YES competition or completing your career development portfolios. Remember, these are the skills you also need to be a top researcher!

Registration is here >>>

Here’s the full programme

23   Oct 2012

Do   you Have What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur : Simon Brown (1)

Careers   & Employability Service

1pm   – 4pm

6   Nov 2012

Are   you an Entrepreneur like Baldrick or Dyson : Simon Brown (2)

Careers   & Employability Service

1pm   – 4pm

4   Dec 2012

Is   there anybody out there? : Simon Brown (3)

Careers   & Employability Service

1pm   – 4pm

5   Feb 2013

To   be or not to be.. : Simon Brown (4)

Careers   & Employability Service

1pm   – 4pm

26   Feb 2013

Show   me the Money : Simon Brown (5)

Careers   & Employability Service

1pm   – 4pm

More information can be found here: Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset workshops

…and if you stiil need to know more contact: SIMON LAW  the University Enterprise Development Officer:

Tel: 0151 795 3814. He also has these other excellent resources:  Twitter : Facebook : Activity Brochure : Newsletter : Website :