Optional Programme – Viva Survivor 23rd April 2013 – 9.30 – 12.30

handshake by buddawiggiThe viva is the culmination of the PhD process: a lot of work has led to this point, but a feeling of anxiety can go hand-in-hand with the sense of achievement at completing one’s thesis. For many PhD candidates the time leading up to the viva is filled with stress about the day, and uncertainty about what their examiners may ask. Viva Survivor is a session for postgraduate researchers close to submitting their thesis who want to get some ideas on how to be well prepared for their viva. During the session we will consider the purpose of the viva and how one can prepare for it. By the end of the session participants will:

  • be able to identify sources of support for their viva preparation
  • have developed strategies to prepare themselves and their thesis for the viva
  • have explored questions that are frequently asked in vivas

Dr Nathan Ryder completed his PhD in Mathematics in 2008 (University of Liverpool) and has since worked freelance as a skills trainer and consultant. He has delivered training sessions to over 2500 postgraduate researchers and research staff. Nathan’s main interests are in creativity, collaboration, productivity and helping postgraduate researchers prepare for the viva. In 2012 he created the Viva Survivors podcast which features interviews with PhD graduates talking about their research and their viva. In January 2013 he published his first ebook, Fail Your Viva, a short guide on viva preparation which is currently available exclusively through the Kindle Store.

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