First-Year Development Workshop: Booking & Dates

Booking is now open for the First-Year Development Workshop, APRS001, which takes place on 25-27 September 2013.  If you were unable to book a place during 2012/2013, please consider booking this workshop.  Places are limited to 28, and demand for workshops is high, so book early to avoid disappointment.


We will announce when booking is open for the remainder of the workshops for the 2013/2014 on this blog.  The dates of the workshops are provided below in order to help you plan your schedules.

Code Dates Type Spaces
APRS001 25-27 September Open to all PGRs 28
APRS002 30 October-1 November Open to all PGRs 28
APRS003 13-15 November Open to all PGRs 28
APRS004 27-29 November All PGRs from the School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics   & Computer Sciences 28
APRS005 11-13 December Open to all PGRs 28
APRS006 7-10 January School of Physical Sciences 28
APRS007 22-24 January Open to all PGRs 28
APRS008 5-7 February All PGRs from the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences (t.b.c.) 28
APRS009 19-21 February Open to all PGRs 28
APRS010 12-14 March Open to all PGRs 28
APRS011 26-28 March Open to all PGRs 28
APRS012 7-9 May Open to all PGRs 28
APRS014 14-16 May Open to all PGRs 28
APRS015 28-30 May Open to all PGRs 28

The First-Year Development Workshops are a formal requirement of the PGR Development Programme and you are recommended to attend one of these workshops early in your degree.

The Structure of the Workshop

During the workshop participants will work in teams to devise a novel interdisciplinary research project. Each team will write an abstract outlining the need for the project, deliver a persuasive group presentation and take part in a peer review at the end of the workshop. This workshop provides:

  • Opportunities to network with researchers from other disciplines and to learn new approaches towards research
  • Occasions to communicate your research and ideas with peers
  • Discussions concerning the wider research environment
  • A safe and supportive environment where you can practice the skills and behaviours to enhance your research career

For information on what happens during the workshop and pre-workshop tasks, please visit: