New portal for spider – new location for PGR Toolbox – 2nd Sept 2013

GR Toolbox  in Liverpool Life

View of the new PGR Toolbox page in Liverpool Life

On 2nd Sept 2013 “Liverpool Life”  will replace the SPIDER Student Web portal.

Liverpool Life will provide access to all components of the current PGR Toolbox: the Record of Supervisory Meetings, the PGR Portfolio of Activity and the Record of Formal Training.

The URL for the new portal is   – log in using your normal username and password

(From 2nd Sept 2013, you will be re-directed here from the Spider login)

>> Further  information about Liverpool Life   (Student Administration website)

Once logged in, the PGR Toolbox should appear in the tabs near the top of the screen.

>> Guide to the new layout for the PGR Toolbox in Liverpool Life

Liverpool Life provides a user-friendly interface to access student records and the PGR Toolbox applications. The information is targeted to help users see only the information most directly relevant to their student status.

Only MPhil/PhD/MD/DDSC students can view the PGR Toolbox.

Within the tabbed pages of Liverpool Life, the information is separated into a display of small windows.

The Record of Supervisory meetings should always be visible in the centre top of the PGR Toolbox page. Other windows on the page will appear according to whether you are a new student, a full or part-time student or if you have submission pending status.

Further notes

This new interface serves to give access to the existing PGR Toolbox software provided in spider.

Following your feedback in the survey in February/March, we have been in discussion with Computing Services to implement a number of improvements and bug fixes, which include increasing the character count in input fields and, for the Portfolio of Activity, there is a fix to problems relating to editing items and improvements to the order of records. Further work is in progress.