Careers Development Requirement 2013-2014 – new opportunities

We have a few changes and new offerings in the Careers programme for the coming year, including SPICE, a new enterprise competition open to all PGRS.

Booking is now open for all Career Development options for the 2013-14 academic year. Full details of all options, and registration in Liverpool Life can be found on the PGR Development website at

Career Development Portfolio: There will be three online courses run as in previous years. See for dates and further information.

This course will be accompanied by a half day event with University alumni, to learn from their career stories

Together with the Careers service we will provide a range of additional short events to supplement the online resources, including CV workshops, guidance on interview preparation and other aspects of career preparation. Further information will be provided in October.

All the face to face events are open to all PGRs at Liverpool.

The Careers Development Portfolio through Professional Experience enables fulfillment of the Careers requirement through direct teaching or voluntary experience and suggested ways to follow this route are available at:

Enterprise Competitions: there is a new Enterprise competition running across the university called SPICE, ‘Students Pioneering Inventive Commercial Enterprise’, run by the University of Liverpool Management School.

The competition includes two coaching weekends and a final competition at Easter.

Further details are on the SPICE website

I believe this is a great way to do something transferable for your career, gain some great experience and meet new colleagues,’ Prof. Jeremy Smith, Faculty of Science and Engineering Director of PGR

Further details of the YES competition will be provided in contributing Schools/Institutes.

The popular GRADschools and Leadership in Action courses are still run by Vitae (although there are now charges for these events). Further details are on this blog:

Vitae Leadership in Action open for bookings

Vitae GRADschool open for bookings