New PGR Workshop: Improve your CV in 30 minutes!

The Careers & Employability Service is offering a new CV workshop for PGRs.  The workshop aims to help you produce more effective, targeted CVs by addressing your layout, structure and content.

Places are limited to 10 per workshop, so please book early to avoid disappointment.  Please ensure that you bring a copy of your CV with you.

2013 Workshop Programme

Monday 21st October at 12.15

Tuesday 12th November 13.15

Monday 16th December at 12.15

 Book a place through the events section of the Career Hub:

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Identify at least 3 things you can do to improve your CV
  • Recognise that tailoring your CV to a specific employer and vacancy is the key to getting an interview
  • Name at least one website where you can get more information on CVs
  • Know where to find different examples of CVs


Poster Day and Poster Day Online 2014 – Call for Registration

PGR Development invites eligible PGR students to register for participation on Liverpool Life  for

Poster Day, which will be held on 10th April 2014 or,

Poster Day Online, 7th April – 2nd May 2014.

For further details on registration, eligibility requirements and guidance on poster preparation visit:

For Poster Day 2014:

The Participant Registration Deadline for Poster Day is Friday, 21st February 2014.

For Poster day Online 2014: There are more stringent requirements for Poster Day Online as listed on the above website.

Poster Day and Poster Day Online provide opportunities for you to engage in public communication.  At both events you will present your research to a degree-educated general public and researchers in other subject areas.  These events provide valuable experience in gaining feedback on your presentation and research from senior academics and fellow research students. No exhibition will be allowed without pre-registration.


We look forward to your participation!


PGR Development, University of Liverpool

OBR: Liverpool Chapter presents: ‘Biosimilars: Controversies in Equivalence’

When we buy own-brand paracetamol over the counter we are happy to assume that this is the same as a branded product.  For simple chemicals identical compounds can be copied easily.  Biologics, including antibodies and hormones, are considerably more complex.  As such, blockbuster ‘branded’ biologics, like those used treat some forms of cancer, are also much more expensive.

Generic biologics are effectively ‘own-brand copies’ of these innovator, blockbuster, products. They could represent a huge cost saving for the NHS and a massive market for pharmaceutical companies; by 2016 $60bn of the biologics market will become available as innovator products lose patent protection.  For life science researchers, law and business graduates this field hold enormous potential and controversy.

However, because of the complex nature of biologics and different manufacturing practices these ‘own-brand’ products cannot be considered identical.  By bring industry, clinicians and researchers into a forum we ask:  is similar good enough for generic biologics?

Keywords: drug development | business | life sciences | health policy

 Mr Gavin Fitzgerald– Regulatory Affairs, Abbvie Pharmaceuticals
Dr Daniel Hawcutt– Senior Lecturer, Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology
Dr Jonathan Souquet – Process Development, Eden Biodesign

Wednesday, 16th October 2013

IACD Lecture Theatre, Ground floor, Duncan Building,
University of Liverpool

1530 – Registration
1600-1700 OBR & Speaker Introduction
1700-1800 Networking Reception

Registration essential at:
Join OBR to register for ‘Biosimilars: Controversies in Equivalence’

Contact for further details: Alan Mueller,

OBR is a student-led initiative with a mission to engage our academic and industry communities on-campus
and foster a conversation about the healthcare and life-sciences industry.