Wanted: Social Media Volunteer for Liverpool International Gothic Festival

There is an opportunity for a research student, ideally with a specialism in the Gothic, to engage in and gain experience in the use of social media to promote this cultural programme.

Liverpool International Gothic Festival (LIGF) takes places at various locations across the City in November, and needs a volunteer(s) with a good understanding of how to use social media competently and a desire to get the Gothic conversation going.

We are looking for someone with a keen eye for visuals, an investigative flair, someone who is excited about the current conversation on the Gothic and who wants to get those audiences who think the Gothic is not for them, taking an interest in what it’s all about.

We need the person/people to be active in including the relevant bodies into conversations and posts and engaging with the small ‘Goth’ community here in Liverpool. He/she/they will also have an awareness of blogs, articles and events taking place on the Gothic genre and spreading the dark news (as it were).

Importantly we would like to bring the Liverpool centric flavour to those messages being sent out.

Responses, in the first instance, to Claire Jones: C.G.Jones2@liverpool.ac.uk

The Liverpool International Gothic Festival puts Liverpool’s Gothic heritage in the spotlight for the month of November and comprises a calendar of cultural events exploring all aspects of the Gothic tradition. Tracing its roots from the beginning right up to its myriad of modern interpretations, the festival celebrates the expression of the Gothic through art, film, music, literature and performance.

PGR Special Event- Public Engagement in Action at the University Pop-Up Shop

PGR Development are keen to launch a new interdisciplinary public engagement forum that will link the research community with the general public across the city of Liverpool.  As an inaugural event, we have arranged for a PGR to deliver a talk at the University of Liverpool Pop-up Shop in Liverpool One. Why not take a break on Wednesday and come down to hear more about the forum and support the innovative research that is taking place at the University. The talk is for 20 minutes with an opportunity for questions and answers following. Cold drinks will be available.

Wednesday 9 July 2014


20 Manesty’s Lane (located by the Dr Marten’s and Fred Perry in Liverpool One) Map

‘A Huge Wave of Zombies is Approaching’: A study of the cultural metaphors of zombies used in audio-visual media, Jemima Cloud, Department of Music

Why is our modern culture obsessed with zombies? It was once vampires, now we are inundated with the other type of ‘undead’ . We’ll be exploring this cultural phenomenon and asking questions about what zombies mean to our modern culture, what they suggest about class, race and sexuality.

Following the talk we will be on-hand to discuss what type of forum and social events you would like to foster at the University of Liverpool. If you are interested in learning more about how public engagement can:

  •  improve the quality and impact of your research
  • build trust, understanding and collaboration with the public
  • challenge assumptions, sharpen thinking and inject energy
  • develop skills that can aid your employment and promotion prospects
  • increase your relevance to, and impact on, society
  • provide additional sources of information, knowledge and expertise
  • offer new perspectives on research
  • raise your profile as a researcher

then come along and help shape an exciting new series of events!