Call for Registration – University Poster Day 2015 and Poster Day Online 2015

Please sign up for University Poster Day 2015 or, Poster Day Online 2015 through Liverpool Life using the specific module codes.

University Poster Day 2015 (module code APPR002) will take place on Thursday, 26th March 2015, 10am-3pm in the Mountford Hall, Liverpool University Guild of Students (building 501 on the Campus Map).

To book your place, please read carefully the following registrations rules:

A restricted registration system applies from 27th Oct to 10th Nov 2014*, when a registration is open exclusively for students more advanced into their PhD who have not yet completed this requirement, specifically:

  • full-time students in their 3rd year and later on the 26th March 2015,or
  • part-time students in their 5th year and later on the 26th March 2015

*We may delete registrations made in this period from PGRs who do not fulfil the above criteria.

As of 10th November 2014 registration will open for:

  • full-time students who will be in their 2nd year by 26th of March 2015 and
  • part-time students, who will be in their 3rd or, 4th year by 26th March 2015.

Further booking instructions are available at

Poster Day Online 2015 (module code APPR004) is also open for registration and runs from 20th April to 9th May 2015. To register for this event, please follow the registration procedure available at

 8th Feb 2015 – Both registrations will close.

We look forward to your participation.

PGR Development


Two opportunities: Learn IT: Student-Staff Exchange and an opening for publishing …

Learn IT: Student-Staff Exchange Event Series

Tue, 28th October 2014, 13:00-15:00 – The Guild, Elizabeth Gidney Suite

This opening event of the Learn IT Student-Staff Exchange event series on digital literacies is open to all students but PGRs find them useful and practical aids for teaching and learning and may help you with any kind of teaching and learning duties you may have.

The Learn IT series aims to foster student and staff dialogue about our digital practices and environment. The inaugural meeting will focus on the theme of using digital technologies for Learning and Working and will be opened by Dr Anne Qualter, Director of Academic Development and Lifelong Learning and Head of the Centre for Lifelong Learning and Harry Anderson, Guild President.

Together, we will explore which technologies are used by students for studying and managing their social lives and which digital study, teaching- and research-practices are used by lecturers.

For further details and dates of further events in this series follow the link below:

Presented by: Developing Digital Literacies Working Group – Refreshments: tea/coffee/juice and muffins

An invitation to contribute:
Postgraduate study in the United Kingdom: Surviving and succeeding

‘If you could go back in time and talk with yourself when you began your studies, what advice would you give? Isn’t hindsight a bonus? If only I knew then what I know now!

Would you like to write about your experiences of studying, for a book and see your work published?

We have recently been informed of a book in development: ‘Postgraduate study in the United Kingdom: Surviving and succeeding’. It is targeting current and recently graduated postgrads and would be a great vehicle for you to share your experiences and gain publishing experiences.

The New Zealand edition of this book has just been published with the Australian and US versions in the pipeline, the UK edition is next.

For further information, see the attachment, which includes an email address for further information

An invitation to contribute Postgraduate Study in the Uinted Kingdom

Opportunities to fulfil the Careers Development Requirement 2014-2015 – registrations open

24 Nov: There has been a problem with registration in Liverpool Life this week, due to a systems error that has now been corrected. All courses are now open for registration.

Online Career Portfolio    —    Professional Experience —   GRADSchool places

Booking is now open for all Career Development options for the 2014-15 academic year. Further details of all options, and registration in Liverpool Life can be found on the PGR Development website at

We have a few changes and new offerings in the Careers programme for the coming year that are summarised below:

Career Development Portfolio: There will be three online courses run as in previous years:

APRC101     27th Oct – 8th Dec 2014
APRC102     26th Jan – 9th March 2015
APRC103     27th April – 8th June 2015

See for information on course activities, booking and completion.

This course is accompanied by a range of short events that you may choose from. (We recommend attendance at at least two of these or equivalent events)
>> Upcoming Workshops

  • The courses developed for PGR development by external consultants,
    ‘Career Management’
    ‘Developing Networking Skills’
    ‘Developing your Interview Skills’
    ‘Making an Impact at Work’
    ‘Making Academic Applications’
  • Events provided by the Careers service, including CV workshops, guidance on interview preparation, special sessions for international students and, new for this year, MBTI (Personality Type Profiling) for PGRs
  • A half day event with University alumni, to learn from their career stories

The Careers Development Portfolio through Professional Experience enables fulfillment of the Careers requirement through direct teaching or voluntary experience and suggested ways to follow this route are available at:

Vitae GRADschool, Windermere, 18-20 November 2014

Participate in the Vitae GRADschool and gain the skills and insights to shape your life! GRADschools are often described as life changing and many of the thousands of alumni from the last 46 years have formed long lasting networks, with 93% saying they now feel motivated to complete their doctorate and 92 % leaving the programme feeling confident that they are employable.

Further information and to book your place

Please note, you will need to pay your own fees, e.g. from research funds, and travel expenses.

You may use this event to fulfil your Career development Requirement
>> How to complete the requirement

Resources:   Our online resources and Careers events are open to all PGRs at Liverpool.

>> Online Careers Resources     >> Upcoming Workshops

Webinar: Effectively Using the PGR Toolbox – 22nd Oct and 17th Nov

22nd Oct and 17th Nov — 12 – 1pm (approx)

You will need to book a place through the Educational Development Booking web page. or follow the links:

  22nd Oct 17th Nov

PGR Development are offering a webinar to help newly registered PGRs make effective use of the PGR Toolbox. During the workshop we expect to offer:

  1. A brief introduction to the Institutional requirements
  2. A demonstration of how to use the software in the PGR Toolbox
  3. A question and answer session where you can raise any queries or problem you have had using the software.

The webinar will specifically address:

  • PGR Toolbox within Liverpool Life
  • Record of Supervisory Meetings, including how to arrange meetings with your supervisors, set an agenda and targets, upload documents, and send Outlook appointments to your supervisors.
  • PGR Portfolio of Activity, including how to record your training activities, email your portfolio to your supervisor, how to print your portfolio for compiling your CV.

To attend you need only have Internet access. We will send a link to the Webinar software to all registered participants at least 30 minutes before the session starts, to allow you to test your connection.

To book your place, visit the Educational Development Booking web page. and scroll down to the appropriate date.
(Or follow the links in the top section)

This workshop is for Postgraduate Research students, including staff who are also PGR students.