First Year Development Online – 19th Jan 2015 – 30th March 2015

We will be running the next  First Year Development Online 19th Jan 2015 – 30th March 2015

We welcome all applications from part-time and off-site PGRs, and other PGRs who are unable to attend the three day workshops in Liverpool.

Further information, eligibility criteria and booking form

To book your place, please enter your details and reasons why you are eligible, onto the mailing list form on the above link, before the 19tJan 2015.
Booking is not available through Liverpool Life.

NB We cannot accept course registrations after the start of the course.

This is a ten week course, which can be completed on a flexible basis, around the needs of your work or research projects, subject to an overall commitment of ~ 2 hours each week, on a flexible basis.

The course offers a variety of opportunities for your development as a researcher:

  • networking opportunities with other research students working part-time or off-campus,
  • to share experiences and to exchange good practice on research skills,
  • to present your own research online to students from other faculties,
  • to learn more of other student’s research,from across all faculties
  • and to practise delivering  critical  feedback on the online research presentations.

The course is explicitly designed to meet the needs of part-time and off-site students. Hopefully you may also make new friends!

Please see the PGR Development website for further information on all our other courses.