Congratulations to all PhD researchers who participated in Poster Day Online 2015!

We had 146 participants and so voting for the winners proved a difficult task! The winners are as follows:

Participants award:

First place: Gabrielle Laing

Second place:  Ilaria Santeramo

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences:  

First place: Natalia Cooper

Second place:  Stephanie James

Highly commended: Katherine Allsopp
Rosa Whalen
Amy Eacock
Christine Stafford
Kelly Bowlt Blacklock
Bethany Levick
Cassandra Raby

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science:   

First place:   Amie Caddy
Second place: Anna-Katharina Balonier

Highly commended: Eileen Turnbull
Caroline Gray
Darren Dunnin
Pei Zhang

Faculty of Science and Engineering:  

First place: Hsiang-Hsuan Liu

Second place: Chaofan Wen

Highly commended: Joscha Fossel
Xinkai Wang
Oliver Lamb
María Pin-No
David Morris

We had a range of brilliant posters, with some particularly innovative ideas! A number of our student’s decided to share their research using alternative forms of media, from interactive posters to online videos!

  • Bethany Levick, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.

Linked web pages were used by Bethany to discuss her research on improving the ability to predict plague (

  • Mathew Flynn, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Mathew opted to share his research using a screencast, in which he considers musical taste, according to digital streaming services (

  • Gabrielle Laing, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.

Gabrielle provided a link to a 3 minute, online video, to explain her research on working horses in Ethiopia (

  • Cassandra Raby, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.

Cassandra created an interactive poster, which included taking the reader to her own YouTube videos to find out more about seasonal environments and gastrointestinal parasites in baboons!

This is an excellent demonstration of how we can share our research in many other forms, taking Poster Day Online to the next level! Our prize-winners and highly commended posters can be viewed at:

Thank you to all participants and the judges who helped make Poster Day Online 2015 a success! The standard of posters gets higher by the year!