Part-time Teaching Opportunities to support and enhance PGR Development provision

Would you like to enhance your teaching portfolio with experience in professional development?

Are you looking for opportunities to practice and enhance your facilitation techniques in paid part-time teaching?

PGR Development would like to expand the involvement of researchers within the programme of professional development and are looking to expand the number of paid opportunities for PhD researchers to gain teaching experience within this area.

To achieve this we are inviting interest from current PhD students who are interested in involvement in any of the following areas:

  • Developing your own workshops, with support from PGR Development
  • Developing shorter sessions, on your own or with colleagues, that are part of longer workshops or for webinars
  • As Assistant tutor in PGR Development Programme on workshops such as:
    • One day workshops for new researchers on campus
    • Online courses on ‘Communicating research’
    • Webinar support for the development of new sessions or assistance in delivery
    • Half day presentation sessions on campus

If you have any further ideas please sign up to our expression of interest form below and add a summary of your ideas to this form in the space provided.

Guidance and informal training will be provided for any acceptable proposals, through our Facilitation workshops and in further small group sessions.

Note: we can only support development in professional development, as opposed to subject training and our workshops are offered at either Faculty level or to PGRs from across the University.

Any teaching delivery normally takes place on campus, but would be on a flexible basis at times to fit in with your research and other work.  All delivery would be administered and marketed by PGR Development.

If you are interested to explore or gain further involvement in any of the opportunities listed above, please add your name to our expression of interest form.

Expression of interest form

We will contact all on this list and arrange small group sessions to help you learn more of the opportunities within our programme or to develop your ideas.

Introduction to Professional Development for Researchers & Making the Most of Your Career

We have a few places remaining on the following two workshops that may be of interest to newer researchers or those preparing for their ongoing career, (further details of each workshop follow below):

An Introduction to Professional Development for  Researchers
20th July  09:15 – 16.30, University Campus, presented by  PGR Development

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Making the Most of Your Career
19th July 2016  09.15 – 16.30, University Campus, presented by Sally Beyer and Sharon Nicholson

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An Introduction to Professional Development for Researchers

Learn how to manage your own PhD, from the planning process and essential activities to how to make the most of your supervisor and to setting your objectives to meet your professional aims. This one-day workshop is open to researchers from all faculties of the University and is an opportunity for inter-faculty networking.

In this workshop you will;

  • Create a plan for the PhD- gain a greater understanding of the processes and milestones in the PhD
  • Identify the opportunities for your own professional development as a successful researcher
  • Gain a greater understanding of the relationships that can help your research progress and how you can improve and develop the supervisory relationship
  • Learn more of their research and gain from their experiences through networking opportunities with other PhD students,

This workshop is highly experiential and offers many opportunities to share your own experiences.

‘THANKS! Great workshop! Well-organised, great time organisation and very useful!’‘The highlights were building a picture with the group where we see the PhD taking shape – realising that year 2 is quite complex!
-Participants, Autumn 2015.

Making the Most of Your Career

Do you need space and time out to reflect on your career and create a strategic career plan for the next 1-3 years?
Do you need to enhance your ability to influence others positively in networking situations?

This one-day face-to-face career workshop offers a provoking and interactive session to help you develop your career management and networking skills. Note, this session is for PGRs who have not attended previous sessions on ‘Career management’ and ‘Developing networking skills’.

In this session, we will help you to explore how employable you are, identify the work values that drive you and set personal and professional goals for the next 3 years. Along with creating a plan of action for you to maximise your potential both in and outside of work; it will give you some breathing space in a non-judgmental environment, providing tools to be honest with yourself about what you really want.

The session will also provide practical techniques to structure your networking approach, enhance your rapport building skills using Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques and help you to identify and hone your ‘Elevator Pitch’ to promote yourself and your research.