November is Academic Writing Month. Kick your academic writing into gear!

Do you have a thesis to write, but are daunted by the task?
Or do you find yourself procrastinating, doing everything but write?

Developing a regular writing practice is the key to writing success. But you don’t have to do this alone. Join other PGRs as we develop a writing strategy, and a regular writing habit. Come along for mutual support, and a chance to pick up or pass on tips and tricks for successful writing, whether that is for writing your thesis, a paper, a grant application or any other writing you want to get done. And who couldn’t do with a little peer support at times? Join our #AcWriMo writing group, every Monday throughout November. Or join the #suwtues crowd at 92DegreesCoffee on the first and third Tuesday every month.

First #AcWriMo meeting Monday 31st October
3:30pm in CPD room 4, CTH

Next “shut-up-and-write” Tuesday 15th November
10-11am @92DegreesCoffee

Writing that PhD

Writing is an integral part of your PhD. The end product of your hard work and research is the thesis, an extensive piece of writing. The thesis is a larger piece of writing than you will have ever done before and can be a daunting task for anyone. The key to success is to break it down into smaller, more manageable sections, and to work on it regularly throughout your PhD.

Do not wait until you have all of your data collected,
all of your references read, and your time nearly used up!

Writing regularly will not only add words to your thesis, but more importantly will let you develop your ideas and help you find your voice as an academic author. But how do you get motivation to keep writing week in and week out? This is where shut-up-and-write comes in….

Shut-Up-And-Write (#suwtues)

This idea originated in San Fransico, with a group of writers getting together to write regularly in a social setting. The idea is simple, writing does not have to be done in isolation. The writers meet and do as the title says – they shut up and write – for an hour, followed by a chat over coffee. This idea has been enthusiastically embraced by academics all over the world as a way to make regular progress on thesis writing, paper writing, book writing and more. The Thesis Whisperer gives a great explanation of how and why it works. There is now a large on-line Shut-Up-And-Write community on Twitter (#suwtues), which meets virtually on the first and third Tuesday every month to cheer each other on for an hour of writing. And many groups around the world meet in person, including here in Liverpool where we meet at 92DegreesCoffee, to join other #suwtues writers from 10-11. It is amazing how much writing you can get done in just an hour of dedicated writing time!

Next #suwtues meeting 15th November. We start writing at 10.
Please arrive at least 10 minutes before to get settled in.

Academic Writing Month (#AcWriMo)

If you don’t know where or how to get started with your academic writing, you need some clear goals, or want some help drafting a writing strategy, why not join in with Academic Writing Month this year? Since 2011, the people behind PhD2Published have been promoting November as Academic Writing Month (#AcWriMo). The idea is to commit to a specific writing goal, whether that is a chapter of your thesis completed or a certain amount of time spent writing or something else, and to declare that goal publicly. Make it a goal that stretches you a bit, and that helps you develop a regular writing practice. In support of #AcWriMo this year, we are setting up a weekly writing group meeting here at Liverpool. The first meeting will be Monday 31st October at 3:30-4:30pm where we will set goals and draft a writing strategy for the month. We will continue to meet every Monday at 3:30pm throughout November to keep each other on track. Why not join us and see how much you could get done in a month of regular writing, you might surprise yourself!

Dates and locations for #AcWriMo writing group meetings:
31/10  CPD room 4, CTH
07/11  room 116, 126 Mount Pleasant
14/11  room 303, 126 Mount Pleasant
21/11  CPD room 4, CTH
28/11  room 202, 126 Mount Pleasant
We always start at 3:30pm, please arrive 10 minutes early to get settled in.
And don’t forget to bring some writing to do!

So what is your excuse for not writing?
Get started today, and make it a regular habit.