Two Part-time Teaching Opportunities to support our online courses in communicating research

Would you like to learn and engage in online teaching and development in a paid part-time position?

The LDC Development Team require part-time support for each of two online courses, primarily aimed at new researchers, (follow the above links for full course descriptions) :

Assistant Tutor for Communicating Research in the Sciences Online
Assistant Tutor for Communicating Research in the Humanities and Sciences Online

For either role you should be a PhD researcher in at least your second year at the University of Liverpool and working in a discipline related to the specific course.

The courses are delivered over a ten-week period and we require a contribution of half a day per week, starting the week of the 22nd or January. The roles can be undertaken on a flexible basis at times to fit in with your research and other work. Within this role, you will work with the course organiser to develop and engage participants in online discussions, help in creating supplementary materials for the course and to provide feedback to support participants in their development.

For these roles, experience of participation in an online environment and teaching experience will be useful, together with experience of writing for the wider public outside your research field and knowledge of the difficulties faced by part-time or off-site students. Preference will be given to those who have previously completed the course in previous years and/or have taken part in our workshops in facilitation. Technical skills are not necessary for this post.

Guidance and informal training will be provided and the roles offer opportunities to explore teaching ideas within an interactive online environment.

For further Tutor Details, please contact me, Dr Shirley Cooper directly at

Payment: is at Grade 4 , point 14 for an average of 3.5 hours per week.

Applications: To apply for this position, please send a CV and covering letter to Dr Shirley Cooper by the end of 8th January 2018. The covering letter should describe your interest in this post and what you think you can bring to this course.

Start 2018 by enhancing your presentation skills

In January, we are we offering some new workshops to help you develop your presentations skills in the New Year, as well as the return of our ‘Delivering Academic Presentations’ workshop.

Delivering Academic Presentations 

 This half-day session offers a form of group coaching session using video in a supportive and friendly environment to help you recognise your strengths in your presentations, and identify ways to improve. The session will focus on presenting research in the context of your own research area.

18 Jan    13:00 – 16:00                  25 Jan         13:00 – 16:00

Further dates are offered in February and March.

Prepare and Deliver your Elevator Pitch

This combined webinar and practical session will help you explain your research and wider interests to new people in a short ‘Elevator Pitch’ format.

In the webinar, we discuss how to create an effective elevator pitch for different occasions, to assess what you need to communicate, what others will want to hear and how reduce the use of technical language.

The workshop will give you time and space to practise pitching your research to a friendly and supporting peer group. You will be able to gain feedback from your peers and develop a successful elevator pitch that you can use for networking.

Webinar: Presentations – Preparing an Elevator Pitch              17 Jan 2018 12:30 -13:30

Presentations: Delivering an Elevator Pitch                 24 Jan       13:00 – 15:00

Learn and practise the Pecha Kucha method for delivering presentations

Are you looking for more innovative ways to present your research? Pecha Kucha is a popular presentation format that involves delivering a talk using 20 slides, which display for 20 seconds each.

Join us for an opportunity to learn and practise delivering a Pecha Kucha presentation within a friendly and supportive environment. This session provides the opportunity to help you be more concise in your delivery and more effective in storytelling and using slides.

Presentations: Pecha Kucha                             31 Jan              13:00 – 15:00

See the LDC Development Timetable for a list of all LDC Development Programme events available for booking. We expect to announce further workshops and webinars for February and March early in 2018.

Communicating your research online – new courses/events for January

Do you want to further develop and enhance your writing and other communication skills? Are you interested in sharing your research online, in blogs or Newsletter articles or using Twitter as a form of research communication? The following online courses and webinar can help you start:

Communicating Research in the Sciences Online 22 Jan – 02 April
Communicating Research in the Humanities & Social Sciences Online 22 Jan – 02 April

These two ten week courses offer a supportive and encouraging forum with a range of discussion topics including writing and presentation skills to help you develop wider research skills.  In participating in these courses  you will:

  • Gain practice in writing and communicating the essence of your research to others, and so review and share ideas for your research project (Writing in different ways can often help you think differently about the topics)
  • Enjoy the benefits of feedback from those outside your field of research, who may offer a new angle to your research,
  • Learn of the different areas of research in the University. See also how others present their research and write differently, their styles, their approaches …
  • Engage and gain direct experience of the Peer review process.
  • Engage in online discussions on methods of writing, referencing, publications …
  • Gain confidence from finding others who are interested in your research!

Please choose the course that best fits your research focus.and follow the links in the course titles for further details and registration.

Using Twitter for Academic Purposes   22nd January 12.30-1.30pm

This webinar is designed for researchers who are new to Twitter, as well as those who are already on Twitter to help them explore how they might use Twitter with their research.

And if you’re struggling to start your writing see,

Overcoming Writer’s Block  – 24 Jan 14:00 – 17:00

Or see the LDC Development Timetable for a full list of all events available for booking.