Preparing for your future after the PhD

Statistics show that those with a postgraduate qualification do gain significant rewards in their ongoing career: they earn approximately £5,500 more per year, or £200,000 more over a 40-year working life (Sutton Report ), they earn around 9% more than graduates over the course of a lifetime, (Institute of Fiscal Studies, 2015) and are over 20% more likely to be in a professional occupation (Graduate Labour Market Statistics 2017). Careful planning of your own career can help you make the most of your doctoral qualification.

Do you know what you want from your future career?
If you are looking outside of academia, how can you find out about different careers and employers?
Do you have sufficient experience  to prove yourself to a future employer?
How can you best prepare for applications?

Many aspects of career preparation are best started much earlier in the PhD and can be accomplished a little at a time, such as two or three hours each month. A short break from the stresses of research can  be helpful, even in the writing up phase.

There is a range of support within the LDC Development programme and the wider University to help you prepare for your future:

Career planning:

We offer several workshops within the LDC Development programme that will help you assess what you might want from a future career, and prepare for the move to future employment. Coming up with have the workshops, The Career Wise Researcher (1st Nov) and The Emotionally Intelligent Researcher (6 Dec). You can also find related information in our online resources, Career Management Skills.

Researching career options:

To gain further information on potential career options you may need to seek out further sources. Your Faculty, school or Institute may offer career related workshops that are specific to your subject area or researcher conferences may offer similar sessions. The University Careers and Employability service offer CareerConnect, events where you can meet and network with external employers. These sessions will also provide advice on the types of experience to succeed in different areas of employment. Alternatively there are online areas, such as LinkedIn, where you can gain similar information.

Our upcoming workshop, Networking for your Career (8th Nov) will help you make the most of these events and the webinar,  Using LinkedIn to Manage Your Career (1st Nov) offers advice for managing this online environment.

Preparing for the application process:

 The LDC Development programme also offers workshops to assist in the application process, which are again specific to PhD level employment. Coming up we have Shining at Interview (15Nov) and the webinars, Developing Effective CVs and Applications (15th Nov) and Developing your Interview Skills (6th Dec).

The workshop, Get That Academic Job! (29th Nov) offers useful advice to those looking for academic career.

There is also a wide range of online advice in the LDC Development online resources, Career Management Skills and through the Careers and Employability CareerHub.