Four Upcoming Careers Events

Pivigo RecruitmentHow to use networking and LinkedIn … 
Insight into Self-employment  –  Look what chemistry has done for me…

Pivigo Recruitment presentation :   Tuesday 19th November 3-4pm
Careers & Employability Service seminar room

This presentation, from recruitment firm Pivigo, which specialises in helping PhDs make the transition into business in the UK, is ideally for those studying for a PhD, or post-doctoral scientists.

A few years ago, and after a PhD and four years as a post-doc in astronomy, I knew with absolute certainty that I was leaving my science career. I just had no clue where to go or what to do. I then did an MBA to learn more about commercial aspects, worked for a risk management consultancy (financial services) and then decided to start my own company.” Dr Kim Nilsson.

In this presentation Dr Kim Nilsson, will tell you about her career journey, what was good about it and what she could have done differently. She will also talk generally about career opportunities for scientists, and give some useful tips on how to target a CV for commercial applications. She will conclude with some advice on how to prepare for a job interview, and leave plenty of time for your questions.

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How to use networking and LinkedIn in your job hunting 
Tuesday 12th November 12 noon OR Monday 2nd December 2pm
Venue: Careers & Employability Service

Career networking is about making use of a wide range of contacts to provide support, information and alert you job or work experience opportunities. Networking should be a very important component that you should look to master, to support you in your job search and ongoing career development.

60% of all of job opportunities are never openly advertised so if you are only looking at advertised vacancies you are missing out on many, many opportunities. This session will explain; understanding the importance professional relationship building; of how to start building your network of professional contacts; explain why you should network; how to prepare yourself for networking situations and the various networking opportunities, including social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter, which you can use.

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Insight into Self-employment   Wednesday 20th November 1pm
Venue: Careers & Employability Service

A great opportunity to meet and network with our speakers who are running their own businesses either while students or after graduation. All presenters are from the University of Liverpool and include a PhD student. They will be looking to share their experiences and encourage you to think about developing your enterprising activities.

You will get an overview of the help and support there is for self-employment both within and outside of the university and then each speaker will talk briefly about their experience to date. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and talk with the presenters at the end of the session.

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Look what chemistry has done for me…   Wednesday 20th November at 4.30pm
Venue: Central teaching laboratories (building 802 on campus map)

Find out about careers for chemists both inside and outside the lab. This event is supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

There will be a panel of speakers talking at this event, this will include chemistry graduates who work within the chemistry industry and outside of it. Each speaker will talk for approximately 10 minutes about their own personal experiences, what they did during their degree and how this has equipped them for their current job.

After the series of talks there will be a networking session over pizza; this is an opportunity for you to speak informally with the speakers about their experiences.

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