Continuing Education Courses for PGRS: Enhance your Development – Learn something different

PGRs are very busy people who need to focus and concentrate on their research topic. But you are also aware of the need to have a broad experience and to find creative and informative issues from wider afield in order to support your development. There’s never a better time or place to do this while you are still at university – so take advantage if you can while you are here!

If you would like to learn a little bit more about a subject or topic that you enjoy then why not enrol on a Continuing Education (CE) course at the Centre for Lifelong Learning? There are over 250 courses for you to choose, from a variety of fascinating subjects.

There may also be opportunities for PGRs to teach and offer Continuing Education courses. So, if you have a good idea for a course (email Carol Stewart – in the first instance) and this could give you valuable teaching experience for your CV.

There is a discounted cost for PGRs and staff. There are courses in: Archaeology Classical Languages Philosophy Music Art and Art History History English Literature Creative Writing Science Information Technology Business Studies

Put any courses you attend into your Portfolio of Activity. You do not need any prior experience on any of these courses (unless specified) and they are open to University staff, the public and students, so it is a great opportunity to widen your social circle whilst cultivating a new interest. Click on the link below for a full listing of the current CE programme and our free courses for students. Prospectus:

Where a CE course has enough people registered for it to run, but it is not full then CE are able to offer these places to students for the cost of administration (£10/15) This does not apply to Foreign languages.