Important notice regarding use of the Postgraduate Personal Development Record from 1st June 2012

Information for all PhD, MPhil and MD students and their research supervisors

The software used for the Postgraduate Personal Development Record (PDR) is being completely redeveloped for the year 2012 – 2013 and, for students, will no longer be based within LUSID.

From 1st June 2012, the facility to create new records in LUSID is being removed and LUSID can only be used to view older records of the ‘PDR Meetings Record’ and the ‘Record of Training’ for 2011-2012 and previous years.

To record supervisory meetings for 2012, a new system, the “Liverpool PGR Toolbox”, will become available for students within Spider on 6th June 2012.

All PhD, MPhil and MD students will need to use this software to complete the annual submission requirements for their degree. Further details are available on the Graduate school web-site.

Students can access the new software from 6th June 2012 as follows:

  • Login in to Spider at using your personal Spider ID and user pin.
  • Go to the ‘Students Record’ section.
  • You will find the link to the Liverpool PGR Toolbox at the bottom of this list.

Staff will continue to use TULIP to view meeting data and sign off the meetings, but there will be changes in the appearance and functionality of the system.

Further details, including user guides and online tutorials will be made available in June through the Graduate school web-site.

This new software is still under development. Initially the PGR Toolbox will only contain the ‘Record of Supervisory Meetings’ (formerly called the ‘PDR Meetings Record’).

The new PGR ‘Portfolio of Activity’ will become available during┬áSeptember 2012, as a replacement for the current ‘Record of PDR-credited training and generic skills activities’.

The ‘Record of registered formal training’ will also become available by the end of September 2012 in a revised format.

The software release date has been brought forward to make it available for the start of the new recording year for the formal supervisory meetings and some features will not be available initially, including the facility to upload documents relating to these meetings. We are hopeful that this will be completed by September.

If you encounter any problems relating to this new software please contact PGR Development at