Preparing for your Viva? – The Good Viva video has been updated

PGR Development have now purchased a new update to the ‘Good Viva Video’, which is offered as part of our package of advice to help all PGRs at Liverpool prepare for their PhD viva. The viva has been recently updated by Angel productions and has a new, updated script.

>> The Good Viva video

The video includes an example scenario and provides interviews with staff who have internal and external examinar which will help you understand how the viva works, the different roles of those present and how to make the best performance at the viva. A University login is required to access this video.

goodvivavideoImage from the Good Viva video by Angel productions

Our online resources, ‘Preparing for your viva’ also include further advice to help your preparation, including sample questions and links to the essential University regulations.

>> Preparing for your viva

Good luck to all now preparing for this final exam!