Communicating your research online – online courses begin 22nd Jan

These two online courses aim to help you develop and enhance your writing and other communication skills. You may also gain ideas on how to communicate your research online, in blogs or Newsletter articles as a form of Public Engagement/Impact.

Communicating Research in the Sciences Online 22 Jan – 02 April
Communicating Research in the Humanities & Social Sciences Online 22 Jan – 02 April

The  ten week courses offer a supportive and encouraging forum with a range of discussion topics including writing and presentation skills to reflect on your wider research skills.  In participating in these courses  you will:

  • Gain practice in writing and communicating the essence of your research to others, and so review and share ideas for your research project. Writing in different ways can often help you think differently about the topics.
  • Enjoy the benefits of feedback from those outside your field of research, who may offer a new angle to your research,
  • Learn of the different areas of research being undertaken in the University. See also how others present their research and write differently, their styles, and how they  approach their communication challenges.
  • Engage and gain direct experience of the Peer review process.
  • Start preparing an article that may be submitted online, as a blog, newsletter article or even as a start of an article for the ‘Conversation’.
  • Engage in online discussions on methods of writing, referencing, publications …
  • Gain confidence from finding others who are interested in your research!

Your engagement within the course is entirely flexible in terms of time, to fit in with your research and other work. Two hours per week is recommended. You do not need to be interested in publishing online to gain from this course.

Please choose the course that best fits your research focus. Follow the above links in the course titles for further details and registration. If you have any further questions, please contact Dr Shirley Cooper at

For further details of the LDC Development programme, see our timetable,  where all workshops in February are now open for booking.