Important information for those who have entered data into the Portfolio of Activity

The Annual Progress Reports (APRs) to be released in June 2018 will, for the first time, include selected data from the PGR Portfolio of Activity. The data will be displayed in the APR under the four headings in the Portfolio of Activity, which correspond to the four domains of the Researcher Development Framework.

The data that is transferred to the APR will be limited to:

  • Records with dates in the period from the 1st June 2017 to the end of May 2018.
  • The type of activity, the title, and the date of the events that you have recorded in the Portfolio.
  • Records that you have kept marked as ‘selected’ in the Portfolio.

The APRs will not include further information such as the description or the ‘RDF descriptors’ that you can add to the Portfolio of Activity.

Example of Portfolio of Activity data as it will appear in the APR    (link to file attachment)

Further Guidance for the APRs: Further information on the changes to the APRs will be released during May, including the updated Student Guidance for 2018 to help you complete the form and the dates of supporting workshops organised by the PGR Student Team.

If you have not entered data into the Portfolio of Activity, the APRs will include empty text boxes where you can add any additional information in relation to your professional development to record in the APR process. The choice of which box to use to record each training or development activity is only approximate and may be a personal choice. We recommend that you aim to complete development relevant to all sections of the Portfolio over the course of your PhD, as this will help you to make the most of your PhD experience and to prepare you for your ongoing career.

You do not need to add activities for all Portfolio of Activity sections within the APR form. Non-completion of any of these boxes will not delay completion of the APRs.

Preparing your Portfolio for the APR

The APR will display the data in a non-editable format, i.e. any changes to the Portfolio of Activity after the 31st May will not be reproduced in the APR. We recommend that you revisit the Portfolio of Activity before the 31st May and look over the data that you want to have included in the APR.

You may want to check the event title to ensure that this accurately represents the event, since the event description is not included in the APR.
For example, if this is a three day conference, you might include the dates in the title.

If you do not want data to be transferred into the APR, please ensure that you untick the box in the column labelled ‘Select’ in the portfolio.

If you have any problems with this process or you encounter system issues in relation to the Portfolio of Activity, please contact the LDC Development team at

Reminder – 31st May is the completion date for the record of Supervisory Meetings.

As in previous years, the APR will also include the complete list of the dates of all supervisory meeting records that have been signed off by your supervisor. Please ensure that your record of Supervisory meetings is up to date before the end of May. You may also want to remind your supervisor that they should sign off of all records before the 1st June.