Advance your skills in Facilitation

Facilitation is an extremely useful skill for all researchers , to help manage meetings and working with others, particularly if you work in teams, work with people as part of your research or have opportunities in public engagement. It is also an important leadership skill and an extremely useful skill  to demonstrate for your future career.

The LDC Development Team is offering a new series of short workshops in September to help attendees gain and practise skills in facilitation. The series begins with a webinar to help you learn more about facilitation, followed by a workshop, which expands on the techniques of facilitation and provides practice to learn and practise these techniques. The series concludes with two workshops that focus on designing and facilitating your own teaching session using an experiential learning model.

The workshops are as follows (click on the link for further details and registration):

Date Time Title
19 Sep 12:30 – 13:30 Introduction to Facilitation
20 Sep 13:00 – 16:00 Becoming a Facilitator
26 Sep 13:00 – 16:00 Designing & Facilitating Workshops I
27 Sep 13:00 – 16:00 Designing & Facilitating Workshops II

Note: These events are designed as a series and attendance at each event is strongly recommended before attending the later workshops in this series.

Development Tutor Scheme

The workshops are open to all postgraduate researchers at the University of Liverpool and you can register for each workshop individually to learn facilitation skills, or you can attend these workshops in preparation for the Development Tutor Scheme. This scheme is  open to postgraduate researchers who have completed one year of their PhD. The scheme includes:

  • Training in facilitation
  • Observation sessions
  • Paid engagement to assist at LDC Development workshops and webinars
  • Opportunity to design and deliver your own short workshops or webinars, that form part of the LDC Development programme, with support from the LDC Development team

Registration for this scheme is open throughout the year and you can view further details of the scheme on our website: tutors/

LDC Development Team