Looking forward to 2021?

We have announced our new programme for January to March. Registration opens 6th January.

We would like to thank all those who have joined our events, webinars, workshops, writing retreats and so on over the past year. We wish you the very best for the coming break, and hope you do feel able to have a break, if not to meet people, at least to have a change of scenery … Look after yourself, and support friends and colleagues where possible.

We also hope that you are looking forward to 2021. It has been a challenging year for most of us and we can only hope for better in the coming year. Maybe you will more time in the University, meet people face to face at last, get to conferences, or to finish your thesis ….

We also have a new programme for January to March, although delivery will remain online. A full list is on our web timetable, where you can obtain further information for most events and registration opens on the 6th January. Here we take a preview of our January events.

Writing retreats – Our programme begins with our online writing retreats, which offer peer support to those writing (although you also do reading, data preparation …) All those already on our list for these events will be notified of these upcoming dates.

12  Jan09:45 – 12:00Online Writing Retreat
19  Jan09:45 – 15:00Online Writing Retreat

Teaching Opportunity – Are you interested in a teaching opportunity in local secondary schools? Would you like an opportunity to gain valuable and rewarding experience in teaching your own research area to support those considering University? The Brilliant Club are providing a webinar for us to introduce their Scholars programme, how it works (even in a pandemic) and how it will help you. No registration is required, see below for details:

12  Jan11:00 – 12:00Webinar for The Scholars Programme (The Brilliant Club)

Presentation skills – Are you looking to improve your presentation skills? We have two online workshops to help you plan your next talk, and deliver your research coherently and succinctly, and to help you develop your delivery style and gain confidence. For further details follow the links below. (The sessions are repeated in March.)

20 Jan13:00 – 15:15Planning an Effective Research Presentation 
27 Jan13:00 – 15:15Delivering a Convincing Research Presentation 

Goal planning – Finally, the start of the year is a good time to review your progress and set goals for the coming year. Join us in the following session delivered by Lynne Elliott (LSTM) to reflect on your progress so far, what you have learnt from your experiences and plan what you want to accomplish in the coming months:

21 Jan13:00 – 15:15Setting PhD Goals: Looking Ahead to a Great PhD Year

Wishing you all the best for the New Year 2021!