Poster Day and Poster Day Online

Please come and view the work of your postgraduate colleagues across the University at Poster Day or Poster Day Online!

Poster Day   11th  April 10:30 – 3pm

Central Teaching Laboratories, building photo of CTL802 (F6) on the University Campus Map

Further information and programme

 All those not presenting are warmly  invited to visit between 10:30 and 3pm.

Poster Day Online 8th April – 29th April

Posters  in Poster Day Online 2013

Some of the posters presented at Poster Day Online 2013

Further Information

Open to all students on or off campus

This year’s event contains over 70 posters covering a wide range of disciplines from across the University.

All University staff have access to the event and can log onto Vocal at:
using their own UoL username and password

External colleagues can access the event at
and login in using user-name: postersonline;  password: postersonline