Peers for PhDs Event – Balancing PhD work with other responsibilities

25th of February – 12-2pm

Please register at

Information from the Peers for PhD team:

In this session we’ll be discussing tips and experience of undergoing a PhD whilst having responsibilities outside of research time. This includes caring responsibilities, part-time or full-time work, or other commitments and will  be an open informal discussion with like-minded peers on the best approaches to manage time and the specific struggles of students who have similar responsibilities.

All PhD students at the University of Liverpool are invited to join the conversation.

Peers for PhDs is a student-led project for people undertaking PhDs at the University of Liverpool. We aim to support wellbeing by providing more opportunities for postgraduate researchers from across the university to meet, share practical solutions to common challenges and support each through the ups and downs of the PhD. You can be added to the mailing list to hear about future events or ask questions by contacting

LDC Development Programme: Jan – March 2021

The Liverpool Doctoral College Development team programme for Jan to March is listed below and events are open for registration. Follow the links on each title for more information and to book a place. The list below is loosely organised to our programme themes, with some overlap between themes. All events will take place online, mostly in Zoom.*
NB Places are limited – please only book if you can attend!

Taking Ownership of your PhD

Workshops for those who have recently begun their PhD

03 Feb13:00 – 15:15Starting the PhD
17 Feb13:00 – 15:15Project Management of the PhD
24 Feb13:00 – 15:15Time-management in the PhD

We also offer a webinar to support those new to the PGR Toolbox:

10 Feb13:30 – 14:30Webinar: Effectively Using the PGR Toolbox

 Improving your resilience … and your productivity

Managing your own motivation is important to maintain research progress. We offer an early workshop to help you set goals for the coming year, and then two workshop series, the first to help you manage yourself and your motivations and the second to build better working relations with others.
NB you will need to register for each workshop in these series separately.

21 Jan13:00 – 15:15Setting PhD Goals: Looking Ahead to a Great PhD Year
  9 Feb14:00 – 16:00From Surviving to Thriving, 1:
Developing Your Resilience 
16 Feb14:00 – 16:00From Surviving to Thriving, 2:
Managing Your Procrastination
23 Feb14:00 – 16:00From Surviving to Thriving, 3:
Cultivating Your Productivity
02 Mar14:00 – 16:00From Surviving to Thriving, 4:
Nurturing Your Happiness 
 09 Feb09:30 – 12:30Working with Difficult People 1: People – Similarities
16 Feb09:30 – 12:30Working with Difficult People 2: People – Differences
23 Feb09:30 – 12:30Working with Difficult People 3: People & Change

Finally, we are able to repeat the two day workshop, ‘Becoming a Mindful Researcher’ in March:

15&16 March09:30 – 12:00Becoming a Mindful Researcher

Preparing for presentations and conferences

We have two workshops, repeated in March, to help those preparing for presentations and a webinar for those new to academic conferences:

20 Jan13:00 – 15:15Planning an Effective Research Presentation 
27 Jan13:00 – 15:15Delivering a Convincing Research Presentation 
03 March13:00 – 14:30Webinar: Making the Most of Online
Academic Conference
16 March13:00 – 15:15Planning an Effective Research Presentation
23 March13:00 – 15:15Delivering a Convincing Research Presentation

Writing and analysing research papers

 We are repeating the three workshops offered in Autumn 2020 to help you prepare and start your academic writing:

03 March09:30 – 13:00Getting Going on Your Thesis Writing
10 March09:30 – 13:00Critical Analysis of Research Papers
24 March09:30 – 13:00Getting your Work Published

Our online writing retweets will continue, which provide community writing support, particularly for those managing the final write-up in isolation. For details see:

Online Writing Retreats

 This year we will include some longer retreats. For Jan and Feb the dates are as follows:

  • 12th January 09.45 – 12.00
  • 19th January 09.45 – 15.00
  • 2nd February 09.45 – 12.00
  • 23rd February 09.45 – 15.00

A further peer group of researchers organise their own meetings within a Microsoft teams groups. Details are shared within the above meetings.

Careers preparation

We are continuing our series of workshops to support those preparing for a career despite these difficult times.

11 Feb09:30 – 12:00The Career Wise Researcher
11 March09:30 – 12:00Effective Career Networking
18 March09:30 – 12:00Using LinkedIn to Develop your Career

A full list of all events is available on our programme timetable.

*If you have problems in connecting, or have other access issues, please get in touch with us directly at as it may be possible to make alternative arrangements.

Looking forward to 2021?

We have announced our new programme for January to March. Registration opens 6th January.

We would like to thank all those who have joined our events, webinars, workshops, writing retreats and so on over the past year. We wish you the very best for the coming break, and hope you do feel able to have a break, if not to meet people, at least to have a change of scenery … Look after yourself, and support friends and colleagues where possible.

We also hope that you are looking forward to 2021. It has been a challenging year for most of us and we can only hope for better in the coming year. Maybe you will more time in the University, meet people face to face at last, get to conferences, or to finish your thesis ….

We also have a new programme for January to March, although delivery will remain online. A full list is on our web timetable, where you can obtain further information for most events and registration opens on the 6th January. Here we take a preview of our January events.

Writing retreats – Our programme begins with our online writing retreats, which offer peer support to those writing (although you also do reading, data preparation …) All those already on our list for these events will be notified of these upcoming dates.

12  Jan09:45 – 12:00Online Writing Retreat
19  Jan09:45 – 15:00Online Writing Retreat

Teaching Opportunity – Are you interested in a teaching opportunity in local secondary schools? Would you like an opportunity to gain valuable and rewarding experience in teaching your own research area to support those considering University? The Brilliant Club are providing a webinar for us to introduce their Scholars programme, how it works (even in a pandemic) and how it will help you. No registration is required, see below for details:

12  Jan11:00 – 12:00Webinar for The Scholars Programme (The Brilliant Club)

Presentation skills – Are you looking to improve your presentation skills? We have two online workshops to help you plan your next talk, and deliver your research coherently and succinctly, and to help you develop your delivery style and gain confidence. For further details follow the links below. (The sessions are repeated in March.)

20 Jan13:00 – 15:15Planning an Effective Research Presentation 
27 Jan13:00 – 15:15Delivering a Convincing Research Presentation 

Goal planning – Finally, the start of the year is a good time to review your progress and set goals for the coming year. Join us in the following session delivered by Lynne Elliott (LSTM) to reflect on your progress so far, what you have learnt from your experiences and plan what you want to accomplish in the coming months:

21 Jan13:00 – 15:15Setting PhD Goals: Looking Ahead to a Great PhD Year

Wishing you all the best for the New Year 2021!

Are you looking for a teaching opportunity to gain experience in local schools?

The Scholars Programme – PhD tutor opportunity – 2020-21

The Brilliant Club are recruiting for places in The Scholars Programme, in which doctoral and post-doctoral researchers deliver programmes of university-style teaching to pupils in schools that serve under-represented communities.

The Brilliant Club is recruiting now – to apply now for recruitment in Dec 2020, see

You can also gain further information from their upcoming webinar:

Tuesday 12 January at 11am registration is not required

Reasons to become a Scholars Programme PhD Tutor

  • Support local pupils from under-represented backgrounds to access university. Each Scholars Programme placement begins with tutors accompanying their pupils on a university trip, followed by six further tutorials in their school. At the end of the programme pupils submit an assignment that is marked by their tutor.
  • Get expert training and real experience to develop your teaching and other transferable skills. The training programme consists of two full-days including sessions on tutorial pedagogy, assessment and designing a course handbook.
  • Earn £500 per placement plus an additional £100 for designing a new course, and travel expenses
  • Disseminate your research to small groups of school pupils
  • Join a nationwide community of like-minded researchers making a huge impact on university access

The Brilliant Club are running a series of webinars where you can find out more about the opportunity to become a PhD tutor on The Scholars Programme. If you are interested in finding out more, we are hosting a recruitment webinar for University of Liverpool researchers on Tuesday 12 January at 11am.

Successful applicants are able to select which terms they would like to work as a tutor in and whether they would like to deliver multiple placements.

You can find out more about The Brilliant Club and the tutoring opportunity online. To apply please visit the application form at

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email The Brilliant Club at

Covid-19 Update

The Brilliant club is committed to delivering The Scholars Programme for pupils, even whilst Covid-19 restrictions are in place and is currently running all Assessment Centres and training virtually.

Peers for PhDs: Self Motivation and Setting Achievable Goals

Thursday, 26th November – 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM GMT

Event Registration

An invite from Ella and Carys:

“The next Peers for PhDs meeting at the end of this month will be centred around discussing self-motivation and setting achievable goals throughout the PhD! It will be hosted by myself, a PhD student in the Electrical Engineering building and Carys, a PhD student in the Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology department! We have a short informal presentation with some tips and discussion points on being self-motivated and setting smart and realistic goals during this difficult and isolated time! The aim is to have an open discussion with everyone contributing tips or struggles.

The session will be on zoom on Thursday 26th of November at 6-8pm! Please register with the link above to join us then and find more information about the event.

The zoom link will be sent out to registrants next week,

All PhD students at the University of Liverpool are invited to join the conversation. You can be added to the mailing list or ask questions by contacting, and please pass on the message to any PhD students you think might be interested in this event,

Hope you are well and hope to see you there next Thursday,

All the best,

Ella and Carys”

Further Opportunities : Researcher Knowhow and The British Library

New PhD Researchers may be interested in the following development opportunities:

Researcher Knowhow

The Researcher KnowHow team are offering a range of online webinars this Autumn from ‘Copyright and your thesis’ to ‘Choosing the right journal ‘ and ‘ Planning and doing a search for your systematic review ‘. See the library calendar from more details and links to register. Places are limited.

Library training – Upcoming Researcher KnowHow events

British Library

In light of the ongoing pandemic, the British Library have had to make significant changes to the Library’s established series of Doctoral Open Days and are now looking forward to engaging with new researchers in a different, but nonetheless engaging and inspirational way.

In early 2021 they will be offering all first-year PhD students the opportunity to hear from expert staff via a programme of free online webinars, which will explain the practicalities of using the Library and its services, with increased focus on our digital collections and resources.

The webinars will take place every Wednesday afternoon between 14 January and 3 March 2021, starting with a first general introduction and followed by additional events exploring more specific collection areas.

They strongly recommend that all interested PhD students attend the first module Getting Started: Researching at the British Library on 14 January. Students are then welcome to join as many of the other modules as they are interested in. All modules are free to attend.

For further details, including the complete programme, and links to register, see PhD Webinars: Get Started with the British Library


Logo for event

Webpage: WriteFest2020 November 2020

A joint organisation between the Academy, the Library Open Research Team team and LDC Development

Writing is a core aspect of any academic role and forms an integral part of academic life. Developing skills in academic writing takes time and regular practice, while finding time and space to write is an ongoing challenge for any academic. WriteFest2020 is an international celebration of academic writing, that supports and encourages good practices and habits of writing.  Here at Liverpool, we are joining the celebrations with a month of writing related events including weekly WriteFest Coffees, writing retreats and workshops. You can find the full programme of events on our webpages. There should be something there for all researchers at any stage of their writing career.

Of particular relevance to PGRs writing up their thesis, journal articles or early reports, we are hosting a number of writing retreats. These are great opportunities to carve out time for thesis writing and get writing done in the company of other PGRs.

There are also some great workshops on offer from the library KnowHow team on copyright, systematic reviews, and turning your thesis into a monograph.

Cross-institutional PGR networking event

Tuesday 13 Oct 2020, 11:00 am – 13:00 pm

All postgraduate researchers at the University of Liverpool are invited to join post-graduate researchers from across the North-west and Yorkshire for a cross University event, where you will meet other Postgraduate Researchers and explore a range of topics such a your research aims and challenges within your field. This event provides the opportunity to connect with other researchers in your field and develop your research network across multiple institutions.

To book, please go to Eventbrite:

To help us plan the session, please complete a short questionnaire:

This event will be repeated in January 2021.

PGR Networking Event Online survey BOS

New Development Events for this Autumn

We have now opened registration for further events in the LDC Development programme for the coming Autumn. All events are online and open to all PhD and MPhil researchers at the University of Liverpool and LSTM. The events include workshops for those who have recently started their PhD and also for those further on in their degree, looking to develop new skills and preparing for their ongoing career.

A full list of events open for registration can be viewed on our programme timetable. Below we provide a summary by type of event. Follow the links on each title for more information and registration.
NB Places on these workshops are limited – please only book if you can attend and record the date in your diary. Unfortunately we can rarely fill a place when people cancel the day before!

Taking Ownership of your PhD – These sessions for those who have recently begun their PhD continue and also includes a repeat of two previously offered workshops,:

03 Nov10:00 – 12:15Taking Ownership of your PhD 1: Starting the PhD
10 Nov13:00 – 1515Taking Ownership of your PhD 2 :
Project Management of the PhD
18 Nov13:00 – 15:15Taking Ownership of your PhD 5:
Working with your Supervisor
24 Nov13:00 – 15:15Taking Ownership of your PhD 6: Developing as a Researcher

Registration will open soon for the two further workshops:

Dec 2 13:00 – 1515 Taking Ownership of your PhD 7 Surviving the PhD
Dec 9 13:00 – 1515 Taking Ownership of your PhD 3 Networking as a researcher

We have a further webinar to support those gaining familiarity with the PGR Toolbox:

12 Nov13:30 – 14:30Webinar: Effectively using the PGR Toolbox

Careers sessions: Our Careers sessions this Autumn include an early ‘Bootcamp’, for those late in their PhD who are facing a difficult (but not impossible) job market, and a Career planning workshop for those earlier in the PhD.

05 Nov09:30 – 12:00PGR ‘Career Ready’ Bootcamp
12 Nov09:30 – 12:00The Career Wise Researcher
19 Nov09:30 – 12:00Using LinkedIn to Develop your Career
26 Nov09:30 – 12:00Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
01 Dec09:45 – 12:00Online Writing Retreat
03 Dec09:30 – 12:00Shining at Interview

This series includes two workshops to support researchers in building their resilience (in Dec) and looking for ways to overcome Imposter Syndrome.

Writing and analysing research papers

We have three workshops to help you prepare and start your academic writing, presented by an external presenter Dr Jen Allanson:

04 Nov09:30 – 13:00Getting your Work Published
11 Nov09:30 – 13:00Getting Going on your Thesis Writing
18 Nov09:30 – 13:00Critical Analysis of Research Papers

Project Management

We are delighted to offer a repeat of these popular webinars delivered by Dr Fraser Robertson of Fistral Consultancy:

16 Nov09:30 – 11:30Webinar:Introduction to Project Planning, part 1
– Establishing Foundations
23 Nov09:30 – 11:30Webinar: Introduction to Project Planning, part 2
– Scoping the Project
30 Nov09:30 – 11:30Webinar: Introduction to Project Planning, part 3
– Creating the Plan

Creative, constructive and critical Thinking

We are also repeating the highly enriching sessions to inspire your ways of thinking, delivered by Dr Adrian West (Company of Mind):

10 Nov10:00 – 12:30Practical Thinking for Researchers 1 – Creative Thinking
17 Nov10:00 – 12:30Practical Thinking for Researchers 2 -Constructive Thinking
24 Nov 10:00 – 12:30Practical Thinking for Researchers 3 – Critical Thinking

Becoming a Mindful Researcher: 7 and 8 Dec – A 2-day Workshop delivered by
Priyanka Sakhavalkar. Registation will open soon.