Humanities & Social Sciences Training for new PGRs

The University Library provides in-depth information management training modules for all new Postgraduate Research Students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. This training covers up-to-date methods of information management and important information on matters such as copyright and open access.

These two modules are as follows (the links take you to full information on each module):

LIBR001 – Effective information management for arts and humanities research

LIBR002 – Effective information management for social science research

These modules are compulsory for PGR students in the Faculty, with the requirement that each research student should attend either LIBR001 or LIBR002 – you do not need to attend both. The modules are worth 5 credits. Each module is scheduled to run on four separate occasions throughout the year, to give you the best opportunity for attending. The dates are given in the documents linked to above, including guidance on possible exemption requests from specific components of the course.

To book your place on one of the modules, please follow the appropriate link below:

For LIBR001

8th November

16th January

12th March

14th May

For LIBR002

27th November

17th January

19th March

21st May

If you have any further questions about this training, please do contact Martin Wolf or Lisa Hawksworth as appropriate.